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by Jenny on November 23, 2010

The world’s most popular blog has over 400 million visits as of today. Han Han was a high school drop out that was able to reinvent himself and found success in the Internet world and other aspects of his life. This blogger is also a best-selling author, a magazine publisher, a music producer, owns an online bookstore and is a professional rally car driver. He started his blog in 2006 and has reached the pinnacle that most blog site owners dream about.

Han Han covers a lot of news topics about China in his blog and has a variety of other interesting topics such as world events. The world’s most popular blog is easy to read and visually pleasing though the Chinese government may scowl at it because of Han Han’s dissenting opinion. His light-hearted jabs at the government using his freedom to say his opinion with the use of the Internet is something that is not commonly done but since his blog is still in existence and is extremely popular it shows that the Chinese government is not a narrow-minded as some people assume and allows for the freedom of speech that Han Han is reaping the benefits from.

The world’s most popular blog is an excellent example of how content makes the readers loyal blog followers. The news topics are relevant and there is a lot of information in the blog. Your blog can reach the top of the niche you have chosen with quality content that is constantly updated. If you need professional writing services to help you with your content creations, do ask for a free quote.

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