Writing Blog Posts for Businesses

by Jenny on April 28, 2011

Writing Blog Posts for BusinessesOnce you have seen the importance of business blog writing, updating content for your website is your next project. Although ideas for blog posts may come from numerous sources, you can’t just publish any seo web content that catches your fancy because your readers might not like what you impulsively posted. To avoid losing readers, here’s a guideline that you can follow to keep your blog posts appropriate for your corporate blog:

The 4 S

  • Simple
  • Short
  • Specific
  • Stories

Although a blog for your business can lead you to think that it should be formal and stiff, this is a mistake. You have to differentiate your company blog from your corporate website. Your readers are expecting your company weblog to have a soul. This is why your blog posts are best written in a conversational manner, like you’re telling a story to a friend. But beware of its length because people nowadays are scanners. Write your posts with words that are easy to understand. Make your posts brief and concise but keep it packed with the important details related to your topic. If you’re looking for business website content ideas or suggestions, contact us today about our blog writing services!

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