YouTube SEO for The Spicy Gourmet’s YouTube Channel

by Jenny on November 7, 2012

Like many of you, I get a lot of emails from companies that I want to follow.

One such company is The Spicy Gourmet.  They sell spices online.  They sent out a newsletter today to announce their spice holiday set, included in the newsletter was this great video:

Now, in case you are reading this blog post way after this blog has appeared (and in case the titles, tags and description have been updated since then), I went ahead and took a screen shot of what it looked like when I I saw it on YouTube, missing key essential elements.

YouTube Optimization Service

Here's how The Spicy Gourmet could make the most out of this great video and help make it found on YouTube and on Google – and ALSO how he can make more from referrals to his site:

  • Include the full URL of his website –
  • Include the list of ingredients and the recipe in the description of the video – you might also include the specific URLs of the ingredients that you sell on your site
  • Consider offering a special coupon or discount code in the description of the video – this will help you keep track of the leads from this specific video
  • Maximize tags by using uber relevant keywords.
  • Make a playlist of relevant recipes

Whatever your digital content creation needs are, we can help!  We also have a video optimization service, to help your new and old videos come to life! 

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